Welcome !

Who We Are

A licensed and insured professional painting contractor company with a solid reputation based on a simple business philosophy – Provide quality work and  focus on our clients’ goals and expectations.

Our Mission

To complete each job with reliable, friendly, and attentive understanding of your needs and concerns and create a pleasant and stress-free experience, resulting in a quality finished product.

Our History

In 2013, Edgar Herrera founded PNW Painting Services LLC and began serving the Seattle area with just a staff of two. His mission was simple: to provide great, high-quality service, and to build a relationship of trust with his clients. In some ways, a lot has changed since then. After all, the business has grown from just two to now include teams of professional painters. But while the size of the company has changed, the fundamentals have not. We are just as committed as ever to the quality and attention to detail used in each project, and every job reflects the foundation that PNW Painting Services LLC was built upon.